Our product range includes Metal Core LED PCB, LED Controller PCB, Horticulture Light LED PCBA, etc.

Turnkey Service: PCB LED y Asamblea

A medida que nuestro negocio se madura con los años, hemos establecido departamento de LED PCB de luz independiente para apoyar mejor el mercado de luz LED. Below is the overview about how we manufacture LED PCB Assembly for our customers from all over the world

Step 1: abastecimiento de componentes

Step 2: PCB Assembly Process

Final Products: LED PCB Assembly

12-Yr Service

We offer one-stop service for LED light electronic parts, we concentrate on manufacturing LED PCB, LED controller PCB and LED Driver PCB. también, we’re able to offer one-stop services including hardware design, firmware, iSO/Android APP, plastic enclosure for our customers. If you have Gerber file and BOM list, we also can offer OEM service for you.