Our product range includes Metal Core LED PCB, LED Controller PCB, Horticulture Light LED PCBA, etc

Turnkey Service: LED PCB och montering

Som vår verksamhet mognar under årens lopp, Vi har etablerat separata LED-ljus PCB avdelning för att bättre stödja LED-ljus marknaden. Below is the overview about how we manufacture LED PCB Assembly for our customers from all over the world

Step 1: komponent Sourcing

Step 2: PCB Assembly Process

Final Products: LED PCB Assembly

12-Yr Service

We offer one-stop service for LED light electronic parts, we concentrate on manufacturing LED PCB, LED controller PCB and LED Driver PCB. Också, we’re able to offer one-stop services including hardware design, firmware, iSO/Android APP, plastic enclosure for our customers. If you have Gerber file and BOM list, we also can offer OEM service for you.